Armaggon is an ancient symbol of peace; it symbolizes a new beginning and a front to light in a world troubled by darkness. So often in this world we see and hear things which we hold true; in fact a reality most hold true is that light and darkness are different things, ones truly opposing. A truth Iíve found is that one cannot exist without the other; so to find one we must let the other come naturally to us. Itís not enough to be told of the existence of a thing, it must be felt and learned for the self.

April 2017

I've added two new written pieces to my writing tab, 'A Blissful Day' and 'Waking from the Darkness'.. updates here are far and between; but I will see what I can do soon.. I have found a small glimmer of ambition.. I suppose some small things help sometimes.

July 2016

I've opened up the VBA area, and I've appended in two links (one to a message board - you'll need to register) and the other to a direct download of my VBA Development Module. The intent I have here is to teach whatever I can (to whoever may want to learn). If you want to contact me, email me at ( - I will use this as a temporary email until I get my email fixed.

February 2015

I've opened up the writing area, and I've appended one of my written pieces from quite a while ago, I've cleaned it up and fixed the formatting.. I'll be adding in a lot soon, I hope.. just need to retain my adhesion to this project! I've been trying for quite some time now to reattune myself to my spiritual mind.. the Spring is coming soon, it's been such a cold and long winter.. I can't wait.

August 2014

I've opened up the cooking section (removed the creations section), and I've appended in my first self written recipe; it's really wonderful and I think you should try it! I will slowly be opening up each of the top links on this site and bringing it to life as time allows.. come back soon, and keep it real my friends!

July 2014

I will be updating the links above as soon as time allows, and this site will come to life; and grow as I grow.. for now though please read below (and click the active Blog link at the top of the screen to take you to my blog), and come back soon.

Summer Theme (2014)

There are paths from the chaos of our lives, if we understand one thing..

ďNo matter how unstable our calm may be, if we hold on long enough, the chaos will return to total peace, and magnificent clarityĒ.

Think of the warm summer rain, how it forms in a puddle, and watch as more and more droplets fall into it; and youíll understand. Itís not the droplets which create chaos from calm; itís only how we react to the small things in relation to that exact second when they happened. Be as the water; and let the rains fall upon your face as you spin a beautiful smile, let them cleanse you with peace and wisdom.

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